Friday, September 14, 2007

The moment of "Duh"!

During my GeekSpeak session on Wednesday, I was asked to provide a high-level overview of Business Intelligence. I provided what I thought was a decent answer, had a couple of follow-on statements, and Glen chimed in with some info as well.. Sounds good, right???? Well, here it is Friday now, and i was just going through the MSDN SharePoint Forums on BI when it hit me, "Duh!" Why didn't you tout Lynn's book on the subject????

So, better late than never. Lynn Langit has written a fantastic business intelligence overview book.


Matthew Roche said...

I heard that Lynn has the world's best technical reviewer for that book - shame you forgot...

Did anyone remember to as you what a NUMA is?

Devon Musgrave said...

Lynn's new book!: