Monday, November 19, 2007

WTF?? Or, more appropriately, Error Dialogs

My laptop has been giving me fits lately, so I decided to augment my image backup with a file backup using the Windows Vista Backup and Restore Center... About 30 minutes into the backup task, the following dialog appeared:


Now, I know I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but does this dialog make sense to ANYONE????


Aaron said...

The words like 'MM error' are hard for user to understand. Anyhow, the error message ID '0xC00000EA' should be useful to find related information to fix the issue.

Ted Malone said...

I think you maybe miss my point. The point here is that the message is utterly and completely useless. It could well have been an "EFail" for all the good that it did. Of course anyone who's been around this stuff for any length of time knows how to use Google to find the real answer. (Which by the way is detailed in this blog post:

Aaron said...

Yes, I might miss some information in your words because I'm Chinese and I'm still improving my English. :)

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