Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SQL Server Worldwide User Group - Virtual Conference

As I mentioned earlier, I am speaking at the SQLConnections conference in Orlando, April 20-23.

I am speaking as part of the SQL Server Worldwide User Group track, and hopefully will have a good session on the SQL Server 2008 resource governor.

One of the things that the SSWUG is doing this year is offering a "Virtual Conference" that is aimed squarely at the 100-level user to get them up to speed on some of the topics that will be presented at the live conference in April. I was asked to deliver 6 sessions for the virtual conference, and have spent a day in Tucson, AZ filming the sessions.

The guys at Bits on the Wire did a great job of making the sessions easy and comfortable. It was definitely an interesting experience, and hopefully the sessions I taped will be useful.

The virtual conference itself costs only $100, and there's approximately 30 sessions available. The content is targeted at beginners to SQL Server technologies, but the sessions seem like they're pretty good. (At least the ones that weren't mine looked like it!)

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