Friday, August 22, 2008

Microsoft Press & Books 24x7

One of the things that I like about working on bleeding edge technology is the constant need to research new things. I am a geek and I admit it. :)

I like reading online. I’m one of the weird types that only likes physical books for “fun” reading. Serious reading should all be online, indexed for quick searching, and modular enough that you can pick/choose what you need.

When I discovered Books 24x7 and the technical reference library, I snatched that up as quickly as I could. I just LOVE the ability to open up my “library” and find whatever I need right away..

Well, now there’s some really good news for people who, like me, want access to this incredibly cool tool. Books 24x7 in conjunction with the Microsoft MVP program is making what I think is a fantastic offer:

For $149.99 per year, you can have access to the entire library of MSPress books online. Or, if you prefer to limit your choices, for $89.99 you can have access to either the developer or IT Professional library. The entire library contains hundreds of books, and through this offer you can read them all online, or download a limited number of chapters in .PDF format (I believe you’re limited to 5 chapters per month under this offer, but I don’t know for sure)

To gain access to this offer, use this URL:

To check it out free of charge, use this URL:

This offer expires on Sept 30, 2008.


For what it’s worth I don’t get any credit or compensation for passing this along. It’s a generic promo code URL. I do, however, think this is an incredible offer.

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Martin Hinshelwood said...

I used Books24x7 extensively when I worked at Merrill Lynch and they paied for it...

If I ever went contractor I would buy it again...

It eeven works on your mobile phone so you can read it on the way into work...