Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New version of ECMa available

I know this is blatant advertising, but I am pretty proud of this product… This announcement went out to our customers this morning..

Product Updates



Dear Ted,
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of ECM Analytics, which delivers executive dashboards, automates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), provides drill down reports and offers proven IT analytics based on ECM's audit quality data. ECM Analytics helps improve the IT processes managed with ECM by observing the patterns, behavior and measuring against KPIs, helping to achieve continual service improvement, a key requirement for IT organizations today.
ECM Analytics provides an at a glance view of the IT processes such as change management, compliance, and patch effectiveness through executive dashboards and KPIs based on the industry knowledge gained from hundreds of IT organizations. A library of customizable reports are included as part of ECM Analytics providing an "out of the box" understanding of how change, compliance and patch processes are working over time and across the IT silos and business units. These dashboards, KPIs and reports are based solely on the granular, forensic level data collected and maintained by ECM ensuring that the information is accurate and aligned directly with the day to day operational, security and compliance activities driven through ECM.
ECM Analytics also delivers powerful analytical capabilities that guide drill down to isolate problems, and provide the visibility into ECMs data from multiple dimensions enabling you to ask and answer questions that had been previously difficult or impossible to resolve without days and weeks of manual effort.

Report on compliance over time
Key Performance Indicators
Assess patch deployment
and effectiveness

Understand change and
optimize IT process

Compliance - the ECM Analytics Compliance dashboard features "Odometer" graphics of compliance attainment across the enterprise, or to specific regulatory standards and best practices. These dashboards can be customized to automatically detail compliance from business units, applications or geographic locations. Trend reports are also available that present granular compliance over time clearly showing continuous improvement and indentifying hot spots that require attention. Powerful analytics can then be used to quickly investigate and better understand the compliance problem and determine an action plan.
Patch Effectiveness - KPIs are integrated into the Patch Management dashboard and provide visibility into patch effectiveness that can be measured across the enterprise by machine type, location, criticality, business unit, patch severity, etc. Detailed reports can then be accessed that provide both the summary and detailed information to understand the ongoing status of patches and report on effectiveness. For example ECM Analytics can automatically present the success of a specific patch template as Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-051 is rolled out. As anomalies are seen, the analytics functions can be used to quickly assess the anomaly and determine resolution options saving hours in manual investigation. The end result being significantly higher patch success rates and shortened patch deployment time.
Change Management - ECM Analytics breaks through the mass of changes captured across the infrastructure and presents a coherent dashboard that presents the KPIs of change, identifying normal state and potential areas of concern using standard and extraordinary deviations from the norm. Detailed reports then provide the information required to identify a potential problem that needs to be addressed from an opportunity for process improvement. Analytics can then be used to explore the problem, for example the rate of change has suddenly increased in London when no new applications or devices have been added - what caused the changes? For process improvement, change has increased across a specific group of devices at different Service Pack levels, with a rationalization of Service Packs could support costs be reduced?
ECM Analytics is available to current ECM customers as an introductory package. We have also designed a standard service offering to accelerate deployment and deliver value to your organization in days. This deployment and training package is specifically designed to make the benefits of ECM Analytics available fast, with minimal resource commitments from your team. Ongoing training is also included to provide knowledge transfer over time.
Please contact your Account Manager for more information or to schedule a demonstration.
Our Technical Support Group is available 6AM - 6PM MST to answer questions about ECM and ECM Analytics. Please email or call 1.877.676.4960.
Configuresoft Customer Care
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