Monday, September 15, 2008

Team System Users Group (TSUG) – Virtual Edition

VSTS MVPs Paul Hacker and Dave McKinstry have recently created a new users group experience called, “Team System Users Group- Virtual Edition”.

Basically it uses Second Life (Guess I need to figure this out, I have never messed with SL before) and the “Microsoft Island” along with Microsoft LiveMeeting clients.


Here is what Dave had to say about it:

In addition to the few user groups focused on Visual Studio Team System in major cities, now all Visual Studio Team System enthusiasts and users can join together to share stories and learn.  Like most user groups, we will meet on a monthly basis, socialize a little, and have presentations.  We plan to have demo-rich presentations and support an interactive format allowing attendees to participate and ask questions.

Unlike the ‘classic’ user group, you will be able to participate regardless of your location!  You no longer have to live in one of the handful of cities world-wide to join and participate in a Team Systems community!  In addition, we can now pull from a broader pool of excellent presenters from around the globe!

Our initial meetings will all be in English and are targeting an Americas-friendly time zone.  But other times and places are possible.  If you are interested, visit our web site:  Sign-up and we’ll contact you with additional meeting information.  It is free to join and none of the underlying technologies require fees beyond what you already pay for your computer and network access!  We will not use your contact info  for anything other than user group communications (approximately once per month).  Our first meeting is September 18th at 6PM (Pacific Time / SLT).  We hope to see you there!!

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