Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a Surreal Day!

Today was one of those VERY strange days..

For starters, today was the first day of the SSWUG Ultimate Virtual Conference (by the way, there’s still 2 days left and you can still register. Use code VCTAF457840-140 when you do!) during which I presented 3 sessions on Visual Studio Team System Database Edition. They had been filmed a couple of weeks ago, but this was the day they went live.

Next up, today was also the Microsoft Team System Big Event in Denver (see my previous post about that). This event had a lot of great speakers, including Steve Lange, Jerry Nixon, Joe Shirey, Rob Bagby and Peter Provost. For some reason they also let me present a session.

So you may wonder, what’s so surreal about that? Well, it turns out Rob was presenting the session on “Data Dude” (or Database Edition as he called it) at the Big Event. My 3 sessions at the SSWUG conference were also on Data Dude. The timing worked out such that Rob presented his session about the same time as my first one was being repeated at the SSWUG event. We used slides built from the same master deck, so I was literally watching my video (muted) while in the room with Rob and noticing that he was talking about many of the same topics at the same time…. Quite surreal!

Anyway, days 2 and 3 of the SSWUG conference are up now, and I’ve still got 3 Business Intelligence sessions to “deliver”.

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