Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To The Cloud and Back Again! – SQL Saturday # 104

For those that are not aware, the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) has chapters throughout the world that put on one day events called “SQL Saturday”. As the name implies, these events take place on a Saturday and generally are a full day of targeted learning for those who want to know more about SQL Server and SQL Server technologies.

This year, the first US SQL Saturday event (There is also an event in Bangalore that same day, and given the time zones, I’d say they qualify as the “first” one of the year!)  is happening right here in Colorado Springs! SQL Saturday #104 has a very distinguished list of speakers, including people like Jason Horner, TJ Belt, Chris Shaw, Thomas LaRock, Karen Lopez and a whole host of very impressive speakers. There’s going to be 5 simultaneous tracks and somehow they even invited me to speak as well, so I’ll be speaking at 0830 in room #4 on “To the Cloud and Back Again!”.

Session Description

In this session, I’ll be introducing some basic Cloud Computing patterns and will talk about some specific cloud computing security concerns. I’ll then talk about some of the specific technologies that accompany the Windows Azure and SQL Azure platforms that enable a hybrid approach to cloud computing. I’ll demonstrate how Windows Azure roles can be “Domain Joined” that will then allow Azure-based applications to use SQL Server Trusted Connections to connect to on-premises SQL Server databases. All in all I hope it will be a very informative session on Cloud Computing technologies. Hope to see you there!


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